Who are Mourinho´s friends and enemies?


After the ManchesterUnited boss had some arguments with his star player Paul Pogba we felt that Mourinho must have a list of allies and enemies.

Ed Woodward: Enemy
After handing him a contract extension in January, the executive vice-chairman of Manchester Utd did not back the manager´s judgement in the transfer market because he did not want to spend large sums on players Mourinho wanted because of their age and their lack of resale value. It´s difficult to see how their two differences of opinion can be resolved.

Willian: Friend
One of the players Mourinho wanted to sign this summer was Willian who had been a key player for Chelsea when Mourinho was the manager for the team. ,,He is the best manager I’ve worked with ´´ Willian told ESPN in July.

Arsene Wenger: Enemy
Wenger and Mourinho have never had much time for each other. The two men see football very differently and the rivalry got personal too: Mourinho called Arsenal boss a ,,voyeur´´in 2005 and a ,,specialist in failure´´ nine years later.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic: Friend

Ibrahimovic, has always had a good relationship with Mourinho who brought him to Manchester United in 2016 from PSG on a free transfer. ,,Jose Mourinho is Guardiola´s opposite´´, Ibrahimovic wrote in his autobiography, these words should´ve made Mourinho a big friend of Zlatan.