The fabulous amount of money paid by Cristiano Ronaldo to the “pitbulls” from 4 countries to protect him from accusations of rape!

ronaldo mayorga

According to Daily Mirror, he has hired lawyers, private detectives, criminalists experts, doctors and specialists in PR, attacking on Kathryn Mayorga, scaring and press her so she think more about quitting the process.

Back in time. 2009. Realizing how big is the magnitude of the scandal, Cristiano Ronaldo asked the help of his lawyer Carlos de Castro Osório. The lawyer formed a team of “pitbulls” to attack the young girl from Las Vegas. They tried to make Mayorga to drop the accusations of rape.

According to Daily Mirror, Castro has brought together the best lawyers, detectives, doctors and criminalists experts , specialists in PR. He found them in United Kingdom, Ireland, Portugal and the United States.

For the “pitbulls” the footballer would have been paid not less than one million dollars. And Kathryn would have lost to “terror”. Frightened, and agreed to lodge complaint against Ronaldo and to abandon the idea of a trial. That would have been devastating.

Just as it would be now. If extradited and if found guilty in the US, the Juventus striker is likely to be imprisoned for life!


Cristiano Ronaldo paid to buy the silence of Kathryn Mayorga

“To hide a crime is a crime”

The most important of Kathryn Mayorga Mark, Leslie Mark Stovall revealed all the things done by Ronaldo´s “pitbulls´´. The lawyer announced Interpol, Scotland Yard, the Manchester Police, the FBI and Attorneys General from United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy and the USA. “We’ve asked everyone to inform us whether the laws of their courts were violated,” said Stovall, who concluded: “To hide a crime it’s a crime.”

“The purpose of this «teams» formed around Cristiano Ronaldo was to obstruct investigation and prosecution to prevent the end”

Leslie Mark Stovall, his lawyer Kathryn Mayorga