Cristiano Ronaldo, accused of rape by American woman Kathryn Mayorga

Cristiano Ronaldo

Kathryn Mayorga 34, goes public again and reopens a rape accusation to Cristiano Ronaldo back in 2009 Las Vegas when the two of them had an adventure together. Der Spiegel magazine says that Ronaldo paid 375.000 dollars in exchange for silence. The woman is accusing Ronaldo for anal penetration and he asked if she had any pains after. He went down on his knees and said ,,99% I am a good guy, I don´t know what happens with the 1%´´This is what Ronaldo apparently said. Ronaldo denied the accusation and said that she agreed to everything. His layers have already threatened Der Spiegel when they made this public.

The reason why Mayorga went public in the first place was down to her new lawyer. The lawyer apparently said that the previous signed contract which is with Ronaldo´s layers is not legal because at the time Mayorga was not psychologically able to do that. She believes that if she goes public, other women will accuse Ronaldo for sexual abuse