Big scandal at Barcelona after a post on Instagram. “you don’t have to fight against Judases, they will hang themselves”

Arturo Vidal

Arturo Vidal, 31 years old, has big problems at Barcelona after recent events. Due to the fact that he is not being used too much and he would like to play more, this season he played just 176 minutes in 9 matches, Vidal retaliated on social networks.
He posted a photo of him on Instagram with the message: “you don’t have to fight against Judases , they will hang themselves”.
The picture immediately became viral, being interpreted as an attack on the coach Ernesto Valverde and Barcelona Club, and Vidal has deleted it after a while.
“Vidal is frustrated because he’s not playing more. But he still has to work and to be aware that it is part of a great team with great players. And he has to have respect for them, for the coach ”
Pep Segura, general manager, Barcelona